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FAQ Page

It is possible, but unless you’re an engineer, it’s not recommended. Far too many people attempt to do this and end up damaging their DVD players. Also, by attempting to modify it yourself, you void any manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of our DVD players do have the ability to play CDs. Consult the specifications on each model to find one suitable for you.

Yes, as long as recording part is concerned. No matter what type of Camcorder you have, PAL or NTSC, all Camcorders AC power ADAPTER/BATTERY chargers are designed to operate on any voltage worldwide automatically ranging from 120 volts to 220/240 volts 50/60 Hz. However you might need necessary plug adapter simply to fit in that country’s electrical outlet. But to play NTSC recorded tapes overseas, either you need a multi system TV or multi system VCR built-in video system converter or multi system with a separate video system converter.

Your American system (NTSC) TV and VCR with appropriate voltage transformer can only be used overseas for playing back your U.S. home videos and video games. TV will not receive local broadcast channels and VCR will not play local tapes and record off the TV reception because most countries use PAL or SECAM TV system. We recommend multi system TVs and VCRs because they give you flexibility to use them with any TV and Video System and can operate on 120 VOLT or 220-240 VOLT 50/60 HZ in any country in the world. As with your NTSC Camcorder you need to replace it with a PAL Camcorder unless you have a multi system TV.

Yes, As long as total wattage of all your appliances do not exceed than the wattage capacity of a voltage transformer. Also consider only 80% wattage capacity of voltage converter than wattage rating of your appliance (s) to avoid damage caused by power fluctuation.

No, videotapes are blank. You can get a blank tape and record any video standard onto it.