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About Us

Welcome to Gandhi Appliances, where state-of-the-art technology merges with exceptional craftsmanship, bringing your home appliance dreams to life. As an illustrious online store based in the heart of Illinois, United States, we are dedicated to curating a magnificent collection of top-notch electronics and an extensive range of 110-220 Volt home appliances that will transform your living space. As pioneers in the industry, Gandhi Appliances offers a diverse array of products to cater to your every need. From small appliances that add a touch of magic to your daily routines to large appliances that redefine convenience and elegance, we have it all. We pride ourselves on being more than just an online appliance store; we are your trusted partner in transforming houses into homes. ...

A Glimpse Into Our Captivating Collection
Small Appliances

Prepare to be captivated by our range of 110-220V Kitchen Appliances, meticulously designed to elevate your culinary prowess. Indulge in the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee with our 220V Coffee Grinder, make your coffee on your own with our 110V Coffee Maker, or unleash your inner barista with our 220V Commercial Coffee Maker. Complete your kitchen arsenal with our Mixer Grinders, Wet Grinders, and Cookware, designed to elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Enjoy the soothing melodies of our 220V Alarm Clock Radio while sipping your morning brew, and recharge your devices with our versatile Battery Chargers. Enhance your living space with our sleek Exhaust Fans, and bask in the purest air with our Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers. Experience the epitome of comfort with our 220V Irons and luxuriate in the warmth provided by our indulgent 220V Heating Pads.

Large Appliances

Start a journey of luxury and convenience with our range of large kitchen appliances. Discover the joy of culinary perfection with our 220V Built-in Ovens and Cooktops, meticulously crafted to bring your gastronomic visions to life. Keep your dishes sparkling clean with our efficient 220V Dishwashers, and savor the freshness of our 220V Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ice Makers. Revolutionize your laundry routine with our state-of-the-art 220V Laundry Equipment, ensuring every garment is treated with care. Embrace the comfort of cool serenity with our powerful 220V Air Conditioners, and unleash your power with our range of 220V Power Equipment.

Extraordinary Additions

Gandhi Appliances is not just limited to appliances. We also offer a wide range of Region Free DVD Players and Multisystem TVs, allowing you to explore the entertainment world without boundaries. Safeguard your devices and ensure seamless power with our Voltage Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Travel Voltage Converters, and Plug Adapters. Trust in our Surge Protection and Power Strips to shield your precious electronics.

Why Choose Gandhi Appliances
Boundless Selection

We understand that every home is as unique as the people who grace it. That's why our collection boasts various products, ensuring you find the perfect match for your culinary endeavors.

Authentic Indian Kitchen Appliances

We also offer a splendid collection of genuine Indian kitchen appliances and utensils. Our customers love our authentic Indian cookware and appliances like anything. We make it simple for them to buy kitchen utensils online. With our thoughtfully curated range, you can also infuse your dishes with the true essence of India, preserving traditions with each delectable bite.

Uncompromising Quality

As one of the best online appliance stores in Skokie, we handpick our appliances from trusted manufacturers renowned for their commitment to excellence. When you embark on a shopping journey with us, you invest in appliances crafted to endure the test of time, delivering unparalleled performance with every single use.


Immerse yourself in the enchantment of online shopping as you gracefully navigate our user-friendly platform, all from the warmth and comfort of your home. We bring the perfect experience of an appliance store directly to your fingertips, saving you time and effort.

Customer Happiness is Our Secret Sause

At Gandhi Appliances, your satisfaction is the secret ingredient that fuels our passion. So we offer only quality products and are always happy to provide that much-needed assistance.

So if you are looking for a trusted store on your quest for an exceptional home experience, we are happy to serve you. Together, let us create a world where functionality meets elegance and every moment is infused with unparalleled convenience.

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