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  • converterkit2-266x217-1

    50/1600 Watt Step Down Travel Voltage Converter Plug Adapters SS1650

    • 1600 Watts Deluxe Converter for overseas use
    • Compact Size
    • Input: 220/230/240V AC for 1600W converter
    • Ouput: 110/120V AC for 1600W converter
    • Step Down: 220/230/240V to 110/120V
  • CVID4P.med_2-1
    $14.99 $7.99

    Ckitze 4 Pack Universal Worldwide 2-in-1 Travel Plug Adapter Kit

    $14.99 $7.99
    • Universal to Worldwide 2-in-1 Travel Plug Adapter Kit
    • This Will NOT Convert Voltage from 110 to 220 Volts
    • Round Pin – Europe East and Parts of Africa, Asia
    • Flat Parallel Blades like Australia, New Zealand etc.
    • 3 Prong Blades – Africa, Great Britain etc.


  • plugMultiUSA-1

    Multi Plug Adapter USA

    • Allows any foreign plug to fit into US 3-prong grounded outlet
    • Does not convert Voltage.
    • Called the “All the World to USA” this special plug takes almost any input and changes it to a standard 3 pin grounded USA, Canda, Mexican plug
    • Output: 3 pin USA, Canada, Mexico – Fully Grounded output
    • Electrical rating: 120 Volts 10A
    • Comes in special retail packaging for easy resale
  • plugunivcharger-1

    OneAdapter ChargerPlus All-In-One Universal Travel Plug Adapter USB

    • Universal AC Power Outlet
    • Universal Travel Adapter
    • Power up and charge simultaneously
    • AC Power and USB Power status indicator
    • Fuse protection
  • plugSS413-1

    SS413 Travel Plug Adapters USA, Asia/Europe, UK & Australia

    • Designed to adapt international style plugs to a specific country wall outlet
    • Allowing you to fit your personal electronics into foreign outlets.
    • Adapters do NOT convert electricity voltage.
    • Multi Adaptors for different countries
    • Flexible travel charger for bag size