LG 22LK230 22” PAL/NTSC Multi-System LCD TV


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  • HD Ready
  • 22 Inch LCD Screen
  • 200W PMPO
  • Stereo Look
  • Glossy Black Finish
  • 3 Picture modes
  • 3 Sound Modes
  • 1 x Analog Audio out
  • Wide color control
  • Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP) sound
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 5,000:1

LG 22LK230 22” PAL/NTSC Multi-System LCD TV

LG 22LK230 22” PAL/NTSC Multi-System LCD TV. The newly introduced LG 22LK230 series gives a exclusive look and powerful sound to your entertainment experience. For a unique, edgy way to enjoy TV, enjoy the affordable and reliable LG 22lk230 LCD Multisystem TV. Taking on the appearance of a stereo system with side speakers, this 22 inch LCD TV delivers a crisp, strong sound. Always get a clear picture with its HD Ready feature. Connect and enjoy various electronics with its HDMI input. Its multisystem feature allows you to enjoy this TV in nearly any country in the world.

Design: The LG 22LK230 LCD Television has a screen size of 22 inches or 66 cm which is perfect for a second television especially if it is for the bedroom. This LG LCD television has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and is able to generate images in high definition.

Video and Audio: The LG 22LK230 LCD 22 inches HD Television uses CCFL Backlight Technology to control the brightness and the screen off option lets you turn off the screen while keeping the music or sound playing. This feature is perfect for people who are in the habit of sleeping with music playing as they can now select their favorite music channel, turn off the screen and prepare for bed. The clarity of music and sounds from this LG television is reproduced by 2 built-in speakers.

Features and Connectivity:  The LG 22LK230 LCD 22 inches HD Television is able to connect to a variety of devices which makes it a very versatile entertainment appliance. The HDMI port can be used to connect Blu-ray disc players to watch your favorite Blu-ray movies in high definition. This HDMI port can also be used to connect high-end gaming consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy exciting and clear visuals when playing fast paced games without any unwanted blurring effects. You can also connect your desktop or laptop computer to this LG television through the HDMI port whenever you need a larger screen to work or play on.

Music system look: With all the visible loudspeakers applied around the vertical edges for the TV, 22LK230 offers satiety, punchy tone that envelops the TV viewer.

HD Available: It is mostly a HDTV normal which specifies the actual progressive check resolution in 1366 a 768. This kind of figure offers the vertical and horizontal pixels upon screen.

200W PMPO: Gone will be the days while 22 LCD TVs useful to sound just like honeybees! Get mesmerized with 22LK230’s 200W PMPO sound output & wonder how in the world a 22 LCD TELEVISION can be understood as that.

1 by HDMI: HDMI port lets you connect your current TV along with various sorts of video & audio sources this includes videos as well as pictures within your digital appliances like family home theatre, glowing blue Ray musician etc. All you have to is the HDMI cable to attach your TELEVISION to some other audio and even video origins. With the visible speakers applied along the vertical edges of the TV, 22LK230 delivers a fuller, punchy sound that envelops the TV viewer.

It is a HDTV standard which specifies the progressive scan resolution of 1366 x 768. This figure represents the vertical and horizontal pixels on screen.

HDMI port allows you to connect your TV with various kind of video & audio sources including videos and pictures from your digital devices like home theater ,Blu Ray player etc. All you need is a HDMI cable To connect your TV to other audio and video sources

Gone are the days when 22″ LCD TVs used to sound like honeybees !Get mesmerized with 22LK230’s 200W PMPO sound output & wonder how on earth a 22″ LCD TV can sound like that


  • Series Name
  • Screen Size
  • Backlight
  • 22
  • CCFL


  • Resolution
  • WCC (Wide Colour Control)
  • 1366 x 768p
  • Yes


  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Response time(millisecond)
  • 5,000:1
  • 5.0ms


  • Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP)
  • Audio Output (Watts – THD 10%)
  • Speaker System
  • Yes / Yes / Yes
  • 200W PMPO
  • 1 Way 2 Speakers


  • HDMI
  • Yes


  • Antenna In
  • AV In
  • HDMI In
  • RGB In (D-sub 15pin) – PC
  • Yes(1)
  • Yes(1)
  • Yes(1)
  • No (1-Service)


  • Stand
  • Remote
  • Battery (2 AA)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Voltage, Hz
  • Consumption (Average)
  • Stand-by Mode
  • 100~240Vac 50-60Hz
  • 55W
  • 1W ↓


  • Set without stand (Kg)
  • Including stand (Kg)
  • 4.1
  • 4.4


  • Set without stand
  • Including stand
  • Packing
  • 640 x 333.5 x 38.7
  • 640 x 528 x 205
  • 1069 x 570 x 144
Weight 7 kg
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