Tabakh 4-Rack Non Stick Idli Stand


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  • 4-Racks
  • Needs minimum or no oil
  • Idlies come off easily even when steamy hot.
  • 4 idlis per plate makes 16 Idly’s at a time
  • Diameter:6.4″ Height-8.2″

Tabakh Non-stick Idli Stand Plates

Tabakh Non-stick Idli Stand Plates can be used in either electric steamers or on the stove. The idli plates are constructed from stainless steel coated on both sides with non-stick coating. Tabakh Non stick idly stand, can make up to 16 idly at a time. sturdy and strand idly stand. very useful to make idles in large quantity. this can easily be washed as it is dishwasher safe. the material is well coated


  • Non-stick coated
  • Needs minimum or no oil. Idlies come off easily even when steamy hot.
  • 4 Plate makes 16 Idli’s at a time

Suggestions for Use:

  • Wash the idli plates with soap and water.
  • Use oil the first couple of times to season the plates
  • Do not use the plates in dishwasher.
  • Do not use any abrasives or scouring pads to clean the plates.
  • Do not use metal spoons or other abrasive cutlery to remove the idlies.
  • Use plastic spoons or wooden spoons to remove the idlies.
  • No need to spray Pam or oil on the plates each time you use.


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