Cello Chef Deluxe 13.5 Liter Insulated Hot Pot Casserole 13,500mL


  • 13,500ml capacity, Tightly Insulated
  • Designer finish
  • 100% Food Grade Virgin Plastic material
  • Simple, Functional Lid.
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Cello Insulated Hot Pot Casserole 13500ml

Cello Insulated Hot Pot Casserole is made of food-grade material with thermi-guard. The inner mirror finished liner parts are fabricated out of non magnetic stainless steel seat. The plastic outer body and lead components are molded out of virgin food grade plastic polymers which gives it a sturdy finish. Transfer hot food from cooking vessel to this Cello casserole and it will keep it hot for hours. Always close the Lid to ensure the contents stay warm. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Weight 15.00 kg
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