LG 1484ADP 8 Kg Washer 4 Kg Electric Dryer 220Volts


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  • Wool Care
  • Medic Rinse
  •  Direct Drive™System
  • Standby Power
  • Zero Baby Care
  • 220-240V 50Hz
  • Not For Use is USA & CANADA

LG 1484ADP 8 Kg Washer  4 Kg Electric Dryer 220Volts

LG 1484ADP 8 Kg Washer & 4 Kg Electric Dryer


  • Wool Care
  • Medic Rinse
  •  Direct Drive™System
  • Standby Power Zero
  • Zero Baby Care
  • 220-240V 50Hz
  • Not For Use is USA & CANADA

Wash Capacity (kg) : 8 kg
Dry Capacity (kg) : 4
Variable Spin Speed : 1400/1000/800/400/No Spin
Variable temperature : Cold/30/40/60/95
Display Type : LED
Time Delay (hour) : 3~19
Error Message Indication/Alarm : Yes
Performance Energy Efficiency : A
Water Consumption(litre) : 7L/kg
Baby Care : Yes
Cotton : Yes
Cotton Quick : Yes
Synthetic : Yes
Delicate : Yes
Quick30 : Yes
Hand wash : Yes
Prewash : Yes
Rinse : Yes
Normal Hold : Yes
Rinse Spin :Yes
Medic rinse : Yes
Intensive : Yes
Favourite: Yes
Time dry : Yes
Eco Dry : Yes
Low Dry : Yes
Cupboard : Yes
Iron dry : 30/60/90 mins
Dimensions: 590(H) x 600(W) x 850(D)
Wool Care : With this specially designed wash cycle approved by Wool Mark, you can now clean your woolen clothing with care, minimising both damage and shrinkage.
Medic Rinse : This feature, only unique to LG Front Load Washers, helps to remove traces of detergent from your clothing by using a warm water rinse, especially useful for those with sensitive skin.
Direct Drive™System : The LG Inverter Direct DriveTM motor, now used on all our front load models, gives you a quieter and more durable machine. We attach the motor directly to the washing drum for more durability, less vibration, and higher energy efficiency. With lesser parts, you get less trouble and a longer warranty*. * LG offers an outstanding 10 years warranty on the Direct DriveTM motor. Other terms and conditions apply.
Standby Power Zero : Cut down of wasteful energy consumption with our Standby Power Zero feature. Even without switching off your main switch, this feature ensures that no electricity is supplied to your machine once it is powered off.
Baby Care : Given your baby’s sensitive skin the protection they need with our delicate baby care washing mode. By washing at 95°C and using warm water rinse (medic rinse) at the last rinsing cycle, this function will gently but thoroughly eliminate bacteria, germs and detergent from your baby’s clothing with utmost care.


NOTE: This product will NOT work in US or Canada, It can be used ONLY in overseas countries with 220~240 volts electric outlets.

** Cost of Freight is to be Added to the Cost of Appliance  

Shipping rate is not final, and may be changed

Weight 150 kg
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