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Tabakh Select-8mm Precise Carrom Board with Coins, Striker, and Powder
  • Tabakh Select-8mm Precise Carrom Board with Coins, Striker, and Powder

Tabakh Finest 20mm Precise Carrom Board with Coins, Striker, and Powder


  • Made with Original A Grade Birch Plywood
  • Package includes: Carrom Board, Coins, Striker, and Powder
  • Playing Surface, Standard Size, 29in x 29in
  • Playing Board Thickness 20mm
  • Overall Size of carrom board: 34.5in x 34.5in

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Product Description

Tabakh Finest class of quality means top playing surface is of Original Birch A- quality plywood without any joints & marks on playing surface. The quality and appearance of Birch Plywood are such that still today no one has able to find substitute for the same plywood in carrom board. This plywood are the best choice of tournament players around the world and in almost all the tournaments of The All India Carrom Federation and International Carrom Federation are played on carrom boards with birch plywood as a playing surface. In order to minimize cost and for consistent in quality we are directly importing birch plywood from the manufacturer for the last twenty years without any intermediates in between. To maintain our old relationship only our supplier are fulfilling our requirements of A Grade Birch plywood since A Grade plywood means plywood without any visible defects, which are difficult to achieve as A Grade birch plywood are rarely available from nature. From our experience we have understand the nature and quality of birch plywood and are using the best available grade for our carrom boards that is why our Finest model are being popular all over the world and some people called our company name as Precise Elegant company.

Product Dimensions 35 x 35 x 3 inches
Item Weight 50 pounds
Shipping Weight 50 pounds

Additional Information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 3 cm